Board of Directors

A Board of Directors governs the non-profit Independent Adoption Center (IAC). The Board ensures the organization remains true to its mission and is fiscally sound. The following people have generously volunteered their time and skills to serve on the IAC Board:

Greg Kuhl, President, is a commercial real estate broker. He adopted both of his children through the IAC more than 20 years ago. His current term on the board began in 2013.

William Kinnane, Vice President, is a financial services marketing professional in Georgia. He has served on the board since 2009 and is the father of a daughter adopted through the IAC.

Christine Zwerling, Secretary, is the mother of two sons adopted through the IAC. Ms. Zwerling works as a compensation consultant. She joined the Board in 2011.

Camille King, Treasurer is a family law attorney. She adopted her son through the IAC. Her current term on the Board began in 2013.

Dan Ward, Chair, Audit Committee, works in accounting and finance for a large retailer. He adopted his oldest son through the IAC. He joined the Board in 2013.

Saran Pomianowski is the mother of a son adopted through the IAC. In addition, she is a former university administrator. She joined the Board in 2013.

Melissa Rementeria is a Florida social worker specializing in foster care and adoption. She joined the Board in 2013.

Nancy Worrell is a Human Resources executive. She is also the mother of a daughter adopted through the IAC. She joined the board in 2012.