Pregnancy Counseling

Since its inception in 1982, the Independent Adoption Center has provided pregnancy options counseling. IAC provides non-directive and non-coercive counseling. The IAC provides women with all of their choices and does not push adoption as the preferred choice.

IAC services are free to birthparents, and if they choose to place their child in an open adoption with one of IAC’s pre-approved families, they will receive free lifetime support as well. Even if adoption is not the right choice for a particular client, IAC counselors will provide free counseling and referrals for the following:

  • Medical Services
  • Legal Services
  • Social Services

IAC intake staff provides counseling 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm, including holidays. IAC provides materials and tools you need as a professional to help serve your clients. Call 1-800-877-OPEN and ask to speak to a Birthparent Intake Counselor.

Adoption Counseling

Open Adoption Counseling is a vitally important component of the open adoption process because open adoption brings disparate people into a familial arrangement. IAC believes that open adoptions work best when birthparents and adoptive parents control all of the major decisions. Each adoption, like each family, is unique. It establishes its own rules and boundaries and has its own sets of challenges. For this process to be successful, it requires professional counseling.

  • Counselors help birthparents and adoptive parents deal with grief, stress, role and boundary issues, and identity issues as it relates to their adoption.
  • As mandated by state licensing requirements, counselors help prospective adoptive parents complete a home study to ensure that they have the capacity to parent and that a child will be placed in an environment conducive to their development.
  • Counselors engage birthparents before and after the birth of their child to ensure that they are comfortable placing their child for adoption. IAC believes that open adoptions are best when birthparents are confident about their decision to place their child for adoption.
  • Counselors help birth and adoptive parents develop the level of openness and frequency of contacts with which they are both comfortable.
  • Counselors also provide counseling and mediation in the event of any misunderstandings between adoptive parents and birthparents.