The Diaz's Open Adoption Story

Four years after losing our 8 month old biological son Gabriel to a terminal illness, we decided that open adoption was the right way to build our family. We researched many adoption agencies, attorneys and facilitators, but chose the Independent Adoption Center after attending an informational session. At this session, we felt that all our questions and concerns had been answered in detail.

Our letter went into the book on July 15, 2002. Over the year we had a number of contacts with birthmoms but none of them resulted in our baby. As we neared our year anniversary of being in the book, our IAC counselors suggested we go on the “last minute hospital list.” Exactly one year to the day after our letter went into the book—July 15, 2003—our daughter Danielle was born. On July 16th, at 10am in the morning, we got a call from the Los Angeles IAC office. Our birthmother Jennifer had picked us to be her daughter’s parents. We had 15 minutes to decide if we could immediately come down to Los Angeles. Within a short time we were on our way! We met our baby at 10pm that evening and met the next day with Jennifer and her mom Betty. After talking to them and our counselor for a few hours, Jennifer confirmed that we were her daughter’s parents. She liked the idea that the baby looked like us, and that Cori was also adopted and would know what to say if Danielle had any questions in the future.

We have continued to write and send photos to Jennifer, although it has been hard for her to write back. We have been blessed to have an extremely close relationship with Danielle’s birthgrandmother Betty.

It’s hard to believe that the most precious, priceless, loving gift we have ever received in our lives, the gift of our daughter Danielle, was given to us by a woman we had not met until that very day. Going through the process of adoption takes a step of faith, but in taking that step, you’ll find that ADOPTION WORKS!

Tim and Cori Diaz

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