The Kelley's Open Adoption Story

Although I had known someone who had adopted a baby boy several years ago through IAC, I still spent a lot of time researching different adoption agencies. As a prospective single parent, I was nervous about getting with an agency that would make me feel uncomfortable because I wasn’t married. Also, even though I consider myself an intelligent woman, I knew I was going to need an agency that would hold my hand throughout the adoption process.

I attended IAC’s orientation meeting in January 2002, but even though I finished all of my paperwork in the next three months, my letter didn’t go into the book until July 2004. I wanted to find a permanent home and a job that didn’t require the amount of travel that I was currently doing. However, once the letter was in the book, I heard from the Center three weeks later and was told that I had been chosen by my daughter’s birthmother. I immediately experienced that state of shock and elation that I’m sure all prospective parents have when they get that call.

Nina was born two days later and I was there to help her birthmother, Quierra, through the delivery. Quierra told me that she felt from the moment she met me that Nina belonged with me and she terminated her parental rights three days later. Quierra, Nina and I became a family that weekend, and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll always remain that way.

I will be forever grateful to the folks at IAC for being there with me throughout the adoption process. From my first visit at the Center through the finalization of my adoption, I never felt alone. They also helped me to find Nina, the best part of my life.

Karen Kelley

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