The Loos Open Adoption Story

We wanted to adopt within the United States and chose the Independent Adoption Center after some careful research and recommendations. Kim really wanted the newborn experience and this was more likely with an open domestic adoption. The more we learned about open adoption and educated friends and family about it, the more we realized this was the best choice for us and our child-to-be.

We started all the paperwork and homestudy in August 2001. When 9/11 occurred, we remember thinking how glad we were to have started the process toward a happy occasion like parenthood. It was one bright spot in a sad time.

Around January 2002, the homestudy was complete and our "Dear Birthmother" letter was ready to go. We had also just finished decorating the nursery. We were so excited! We waited patiently at first and then not so patiently. After a year went by, we were placed on the 'last minute hospital list’.

Finally in June 2003, near the time we were considering drastic revisions to our "Dear Birthmother" letter, we got the call. A birthmother had chosen us. She was due to give birth in just 2–3 weeks. Haley Marie was born on July 17, 2003.The wait was finally over. It was totally worth it!

Haley is a gem. She loves reading books and learning about animals. We think she may be a veterinarian! Her birthmother, Christina, visits every 3-4 months. Haley's birthgrandmother also visits. We are so glad to have them in our lives.

Brad and Kim Loos (Please put IAC in the subject line)

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