The Mallard's Open Adoption Story

We attended the two–day intensive workshop in December of 1998. After nearly 7 months, we completed and submitted our birthmother letter and went into “the book”. Within one week, we received a call about a potential birthmother in Texas. This situation did not work out. What initially we thought to be a disappointing change by this birthmother (she decided to keep her baby) is what we now consider our greatest blessing.

After conversations with several other birthmothers, we matched with a birthmother in Columbus, Ohio. Within weeks we arranged for our birthmother, her mother and her twenty-month-old daughter to travel to Raleigh to visit with the IAC staff and us. Our match meeting was a success. Despite the number of “risks” involved with this birthmother, we learned about each other and felt very comfortable together. We anxiously prepared for the arrival of our child.

Lindsay Michelle Mallard was born on April 11, 2000, nine months after our letter went into “the book”. We were in the delivery room to experience this joy, and within 72 emotional hours, she was with us. We were so grateful for this special gift, and we could hardly believe we were proud parents!

A month after Lindsay was born, our birthmother called to wish us a happy Mother’s Day. We maintain contact with her and her family and plan for Lindsay to meet with her half sister next year. As expected, there were ups and downs and challenges throughout the adoption process. However, the counselors at the IAC were available, professional, and caring throughout the process. We have been so happy with our experience that we are preparing to update our birthmother letter for another adoption!

Tim and Donna Mallard

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