The Miller's Open Adoption Story

We considered adoption briefly after our first son was born very prematurely in May 1998. However, Josh himself grew up in a closed adoption and wanted the opportunity to know one more person biologically related to him, so we tried for another "homemade" child. Unfortunately, our daughter was born 15 weeks early in December of 2001 and did not survive. After a grieving period, we started researching adoption, and were quite encouraged by what we learned. We chose the IAC because of their commitment to open adoption, we liked that the directors literally "wrote the book" on open adoptions!

In August of 2002, we attended the weekend intensive, and were "in the book" by November. Within 36 hours of our website going "live" with IAC's site, we got our first email contact! It was from a woman who was only 7 weeks pregnant, and was considering an adoption plan. We figured it was too soon to get our hopes up, but decided to treat it as a great learning experience. We traded emails with Tabby for several weeks, and in late February we decided to fly out to Wyoming to meet her, her boyfriend, and her two children. We got along great, and at the end of the trip, she officially asked us to adopt her baby.

In July, we took the great road trip out there with our son (and my adult niece, to help out). Owen was born on July 15, 2003 and I (Lori) was asked to cut his umbilical cord. After a brief stay in the nursery with a minor breathing problem, I was able to 'room in' with him and I was even able to breastfeed. (It took some preparation beforehand, but has been totally worth it!)

Owen's birthfamily is very dear to us. They came out to California for his first Christmas and his first birthday. We trade emails and photos regularly. We recently saw a list of the top questions teenage adoptees have and we are so happy to know that all those answers will be available to him.

Josh and Lori Miller (Please include IAC in the subject line of your e-mail)

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