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There are many excellent books on adoption and we have referenced just a few here. We recommend Tapestry Books, which have an excellent selection of books for everyone involved in adoption.

Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart
This book is a powerful compilation of stories from people across the country and around the world, who have been personally touched by the miracle of adoption. –

Dear Birthmother
Author: Kathleen Silber
This book on open adoption, recommended by the Child Welfare League of America, has been updated to reflect current practices. It provides specific and practical suggestions about beginning and maintaining an open adoption. It also contains actual letters written between adoptive families and birthparents. DEAR BIRTHMOTHER will help you carefully consider the issues involved in adoption.

Children of Open Adoption
Authors: Kathleen Silber and Patricia Martinez Dorner
Two pioneers in the field examine scores of open adoption experiences from infancy to adolescence. Among topics covered: bonding, grief, communication, entitlement, and adoption understanding among children.

Inside Transracial Adoption
Authors: Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall
Strength-based, culture sensitizing parenting strategies for inter-country or domestic adoptive families that don't "match."

The Kid
Author: Dan Savage
This book written by sex advice columnist, Dan Savage, tells the story of he and his now husband's adoption of their son. This book really explains open adoption, but it is gritty as the birthparents are street kids with tough lives. This is a well-written book. Dan Savage is very funny, but he also makes a compelling case for open adoption. PLEASE NOTE: there is obscene language throughout the book.

Making Room in Our Hearts: Keeping Family Ties through Open Adoption
Author: Micky Duxbury
This is an effective and invaluable resource for those considering open adoption, those experiencing it, and professionals in the field. Openness has altered the landscape of adoption, and "Making Room in Our Hearts" will help us catch up to the reality that is open adoption today.

The Open Adoption Book
Author: Bruce M. Rappaport, Ph.D.
In an open adoption, both the birthparents and adoptive parents are actively involved in all phases of the process. Interweaving personal stories with answers to the questions most frequently asked about the process, this informative book is designed to help all parties overcome the anxieties often associated with adoption.

Open Adoption Experience
Author: Lois Ruskai Melina and Sharon Kaplan Roszia
Two leading adoption experts provide this reassuring guide to the issues and concerns of adoptive and birth families through all stages of the open adoption relationship, from making the decision through the child's growing years. A must-read for anyone involved in or considering an open adoption, including adoptive and birthparents.

Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother
Author: Jana Wolff
This is an engaging and readable book about an open, trans-racial adoption. The Author writes frankly about all the taboo thoughts many adoptive parents have regarding open as well as trans-racial adoption. Heartbreakingly honest, this book will make you both cry and laugh aloud.

The Third Choice: A Woman's Guide to Placing a Child for Adoption
Authors: Leslie Foge and Gail Mosconi
A wonderful tool for women seeking support during a difficult time. –

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Magazines about Adoption

Adoptive Families
Adoptive Families is an award-winning national adoption magazine, and is the leading adoption information source for families before, during, and after adoption.

Adoption TODAY
Adoption TODAY is a magazine that deals with the issues and answers surrounding International and domestic adoption. Written by adoptive parents, adoptees and professionals in the fields of medicine, law, education, social work, child development and international and domestic adoption.

Open Adoption Magazine
The IAC's own quarterly magazine featuring information about open adoption, recently created families, advice, statistics, and more.