Adoption Information Seminar

Becoming a Family Starts Here
The Adoption Information Seminar (AIS) is a highly informative introductory session designed to introduce you to open adoption and the IAC's proven and supportive counseling-based process. The session covers a wide variety of topics and time is always set aside to field questions.

Topics Include:

  • What is open adoption?
  • What are the benefits of choosing open adoption?
  • What steps are involved in adopting a child?
  • How do I get started with the IAC?

The AIS is free, and there is no obligation. You may sign up to work with the IAC after you have attended the AIS.

To sign up for the Adoption Information Seminar, choose a location and date that works for you and fill out the form to the right. If our locations are not convenient for you, please choose “I live out of state” from the drop down menu. An IAC representative will email or call you to set up an information seminar by phone. You can also call to set up a phone information seminar: 1.800.877.OPEN.

Note: If you are adopting as a couple, we ask that both parents attend the seminar.

Pick a date using the form to the right, or you can view our entire schedule here.