Adoption Grants Available! offers grants of $500 to $15,000 for families expanding their families through adoption. The deadline for the next cycle of grants is OCTOBER 15, 2010. They are specifically interested in LGBT applicants. Be sure to take advantage of this offer today. See details about the program below: was created by adoptive parents Becky and Kipp Fawcett in 2007. The Fawcetts were so grateful for the fact that they had the financial means to adopt their son Jake in 2005 that they looked to make a donation to an existing organization that would help ease another family’s financial burden. However, what they found were organizations that defined family and adoption. Armed with this knowledge and their belief in family undefined, they decided to create a grant organization that does not define family or adoption — was born. is a national 501c3 financial grant program that helps couples/individuals (regardless of race, religion, gender, marital status and sexual orientation) with the costs of their adoptions (domestic, international, special needs or foster care) by awarding grants of up to $15,000.

Although has received very few same sex couple applicants in the two years that they have been awarding grants (they actively seek more), in December of 2009 they awarded their first same sex couple grant to Caroline and Elizabeth from North Carolina. In their own words this is what they have to say about

“When my partner and I began looking at adoption grants, we didn’t think we’d ever get one. Many grant organizations openly favored heterosexual, married, Christian couples. Then I found and I was encouraged to see that FINALLY, same-sex families were welcome to apply and that the average grant size was substantial ($7,500). understands the challenges same-sex couples face when adopting and we are truly grateful that they exist to help families like ours! When so many other doors were closed to us,’s door was open.” awards $50,000 in grant money twice a year (June and December) and as we approach the deadline for our December 2010 round of grants (October 15th) we are frustrated to see that we do not have a single application from the LGBT community.

“We have the funds to award to LGBT couples seeking to adopt, but without the applications obviously we can’t award the grants.” States Becky Fawcett, executive director of, “The non-discrimination factor is one of the main premises on which we created and built and I can’t for the life of me figure out why more LGBT couples aren’t applying, but I won’t stop trying until we are awarding LGBT grants on a regular basis.” continues Fawcett.

Fawcett, has retired from her PR firm, The Fawcett Group PR, to run on a full time basis and pro-bono. “It’s really quite simple… this is what I was born to do. But I’ll never take a penny from—how could I? I am so grateful that I was able to adopt on my terms and it’s important to me to be able to turn around and help others achieve their dreams of parenthood.”

Spend a few minutes with Becky Fawcett and you’ll see that she’s not only authentic; she’s determined to make a difference in the world of adoption, especially to families who have faced closed doors due to discrimination. She’s even walked away from donors who’ve asked her to adjust’s definition of family.’s doors are wide open to the LGBT community… they’re just waiting for the applications!

For more information visit: for our grant application and the guidelines. Or call 917.684.5484 or email becky.fawcett -at- helpusadopt -dot- org

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  • Deadline is coming up fast! Good luck IAC families!

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