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Adopted baby girlsThe IAC is pleased to promote the Adoption Nexus Conference in Los Angeles California on October 2, 2010. Below, Jennifer Munro, the visionary who started the conference, describes her connection with adoption and her passion for informing other adoptive parents about the options they have in adoption. For conference details visit: You will receive discounted registration by entering the pin “iac10” or referring to IAC when you call.

“Hi I’m Jennifer. Six years ago my husband and I entered fertility treatment at the same time we attended a local adoption conference because we wanted to know what all our choices of starting a family looked like. We were blown away. At the conference we met people who were so passionate about adoption, and heard the good stories – not the ones on the news. The boring stories of soccer and little league and eating peas and going on vacation – not the movie of the week stories of drama. It was then that we knew adoption was ok for us and if and when we decided to adopt we could and would. We still entered five years of unsuccessful fertility treatment and spent over $100,000 doing it. But, we wouldn’t have changed that for the world because without the failed fertility treatments, we would have never adopted our daughter – she was meant for us and we were meant for her. And I can’t imagine having missed out on having her in our lives.

Now our lives are filled with the boring day to day of music classes and play dates and not eating peas. For the first six months of my daughter’s life I woke up in tears with such love and joy for her I couldn’t keep it in and yet I was haunted that there were others out there that might miss out on such an amazing life because they weren’t really informed about what adoption was, so I created the Southwest Adoption Nexus. If you decide to come to the conference you are going to hear the stories from an Adult Adoptee, a birthmother, a women who adopted two children as a single woman who adopted. You will meet both international and domestic adoption professionals. You will meet mental health professionals that can help guide you through the decision making process. And, you can network with other adoptive parents and soon to adopt parents. You can meet people that will become life long partners in your journey to parenthood and beyond. This is a photo of three little girls – one is mine and the two belong to two other women I met at the adoption conference. I wish I could reach out to everyone who is even considering adoption to come and get informed.”

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  • I'd love to hear how the conference went. Did anyone make it out?

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