What Makes a Successful Adoptive Parent Profile?

Adoptive parent profiles are written and visual autobiographies that families who are waiting to adopt create in order to introduce themselves to a pregnant woman considering placing her child for adoption.

In a recent interview Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, MSW (the IAC’s Co-Branch Director in LA) and another adoption professional (Vicky) discuss: “How to Prepare an Adoptive Parent Profile for Domestic Adoption”. The interview sheds light on some tips and tricks adoption agencies use to guide their families on the road to success in domestic open adoption by helping them put together an effective adoptive parent profile. The interview was conducted by Dawn Davenport who hosts a radio talk show sponsored by Creating a Family, a nonprofit organization that provides education and resources for infertility and adoption. You can listen to the interview here.

Topics that are touched upon in the interview include the types of profiles an adoptive family can create, what expecting mothers considering adoption are looking for in an adoptive family, how to make your profile stand out, things to do and things to avoid when creating your profile and much more.

Among the many interesting points Guylaine and Vicky make, the best piece of knowledge that adopting families can take away from this interview is that the most important thing you can do when creating your adoptive parent profile is to BE GENUINE and BE YOU! You will hear it over and over again, that no expecting woman considering adoption is alike and she will have her own reasons for choosing a family to raise her child. So, try to relax, be yourself & have fun creating and updating your profile.

Please share this information! To birthparents: “What made you choose the family you chose? How did you find them?” To adoptive families, “Why did your child’s birthmother say she chose you?”

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