How Long Does it Take to Adopt?

The amount of time it takes to complete an open adoption placement varies from family to family. When prospective birthparents contact the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) looking to make an adoption plan for their baby they are sent a packet of family profiles we call “Dear Birthparent Letters” that match the criteria the birthparent has communicated to the counselor for a prospective adoptive family. These letters include photographs and biographical information about the family looking to adopt. After the expectant mother (sometimes couple) selects families of interest, they will contact the adopting families to get to know them better. This usually happens initially over the phone and via email. If the expectant mother and potential adoptive family feel comfortable with each other and would like to move forward with an adoption plan, IAC counselors will guide all parties individually and collectively through the next steps in the process.

Because IAC puts the initial choice to make contact in the control of the expectant mothers, as they are the ones who will be carrying the baby, there is no way to predict when any particular family will be selected. But, a lot of pregnant women considering adoption choose the IAC and IAC families because we provide them with the best support possible. It is for this reason that most prospective adoptive parents working with the IAC wait 6 to 18 months for an adoptive placement.

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