LGBT Adoption Legal in Florida

On Oct. 12, 2010, Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) announced they would not appeal the court ruling that the prohibition on LGBT family adoption is unconstitutional. Sexual orientation will no longer be a factor in Florida adoptions. All of the Florida’s adoption-related forms now exclude any reference to sexual orientation.

This law prevented IAC from working with LGBT families in Florida. Many LGBT families working with IAC moved to other states so they could adopt. This ruling makes such drastic measures unnecessary.

This is also an important ruling for birthparents. It gives Florida birthparents the right to choose the best adoptive family for their baby regardless of sexual orientation. Over the years, Florida birthparents have been stunned and then angered to realize that they could not place their baby with the family they believed would provide the best home because of Florida’s discriminatory laws regarding LGBT adoptions.

IAC opposes all discriminatory practices in adoption, and, in particular, opposes laws that discriminate against LGBT families. IAC applauds this decision, and hopes it is the first step in outlawing discrimination against LGBT families wanting to adopt anywhere in the United States.

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