Radio Interview with IAC Counselor Jennifer Bliss

KCLU National Public Radio: Dr. Goldsmith interviews IAC LA’s Co-Branch Director and Open Adoption Counselor, Dr. Jennifer Bliss, PsyD, MSW, LCSW on open adoption.

Part 1: Fears & Myths of Openness
IAC counselor, Dr. Jennifer Bliss, talks in this radio interview about open
adoption. One of the radio hosts reveals he is adopted and was found by his
birthmother when he was 25 years old, and is now in touch with his extended
birth family including his birth nephews. Dr. Jennifer Bliss, addresses some
of the common myths and fears about open adoption. She also talks about some
of the differences between domestic and international adoption.

Part 2: Defining a Birthparent’s Role
The radio interview with IAC counselor, Dr. Jennifer Bliss, continues. Dr.
Bliss answers a caller’s concerns about a birth parent wanting the child
back after a few months or a few years. Dr. Bliss explains how seeing the
child happy and healthy in the adoptive home reassures birthparents that
they made the right decision. It does not make them want to take the child
back. She also explains the role of adoptive and birth parent in the child’s

Part 3: Effects of an Open Relationship
This is the final installment of the radio interview with IAC counselor, Dr.
Jennifer Bliss. Dr. Bliss listens to the concerns of a caller who is an
adoptive mother. The caller is very concerned about the contact her now
teen-aged daughter is having with her birthmother. Dr. Bliss talks about
appropriate boundaries, and tries to offer the adoptive mother some new ways
to think about her situation. She also talks with the radio host about the
legacy of open adoption. How important it is for adoptees to be reassured by
their birthparents that they were wanted. They were not given away or given
up, rather they were placed for adoption out of great love.

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