Son of Lesbian Mothers Speaks Out Against Iowa’s Legislation to Ban Gay Marriage

Please take 3 minutes to watch this video. A 19-year old man, Zach Wahls, who was raised by lesbian mothers, speaks in defense of same sex marriage. But the most compelling argument he makes is that children raised by lesbian mothers have excellent outcomes. He is a prime example of what the research has already proven. Zach spoke on Feb. 1, 2011 before the Iowa State Legislature that is considering an amendment to the state constitution to ban same sex marriage.

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  • Ssparling

    What a natural and beautiful statement by this young man — Yes, I’d be so proud to call this man my son, as he asks.

  • Kdvanpelt

    Beautiful! It gave me goose bumps!

  • What a wonderful testament about what a family truly is and what it means to be a family. Not only does it address the issue at hand of being raised by a same sex couple, but it also speaks to all types of families and sheds light that a family isn’t defined by how it was created, but by how it embraces each member, no matter how they entered the family. It really speaks on the true meaning of family. Very beautifully said!

  • ShannonM

    So eloquently said by a 19 year old that I think anyone to be proud to have as a son.

  • Padraic

    I cried listening to this. It was a wonderful and heartfelt speach

  • Src452d7

    A good agrument. but he is living a lie. Unfortunately, two females roles in a family can be compared with a left arm having been placed with a right hand it just does not work; in fact, its improper functioning. We all need a mother and father its just natural.

  • Mani Sheriar

    I love this!  Absolutely I would be proud to call this young man my son.  What a beautiful speech.  It is so sad that it’s innate truth – about the value of love – is lost on some.

  • I will be out of the office from Thursday, August 4 through Monday, August 8. If you have immediate concerns please contact Ryan Schwab at Thank you.

  • Good job Zach Wahls! Why will Iowa ban gay marriage as well as same sex adoption? It’s still better than parents leaving their kids behind!

  • Captserf

    The liklihood that a child will be raised by a single parent rather than a mother and a father is great these days. A child being raised by 2 loving parents of the same sex has an advantage over a child being raised by one heterosexual parent. Not to disparage single parents but my point is that 2 people contributing to the welfare of their child, regardless of their sexual orientation, is double the benefit for that child.

  • Bonnie

    At least he can speak intelligently with proper grammar.

  • Mr.Speed 1976

    This guy is a moron and very arrogant. Kids need a mother and father in their lives. Period.

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