Adopting a Baby with the IAC

Recently, Barbara Rogers of Comcast NewsMakers interviewed the Independent Adoption Center’s Executive Director Ann Wrixon to find out more about open adoption with the IAC. Wrixon explains that some of the myths surrounding adoption are “simply not true”. She reports that there are infants out there to adopt. And, while some adoptive parents may have fears about open adoption, the fears are unwarranted as numerous studies continue to prove that open adoption is the healthiest type of adoption for adoptees, adoptive parents and birthparents. She goes on to say that the myths about who can and can’t adopt are also fallacious — the IAC, in it’s nearly 3 decades of placing infants in loving homes, has never had exclusionary policies for adoptive parents based on age, gender, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation or marital status. Just recently, in September 2010, the IAC was recognized by the Human Rights Campaign for best practices with LGBT families. For more reading on gay/lesbian parenting read our blog post about a recent study conducted that included IAC clients.

Mostly, Ann hopes to communicate to families who want to adopt a newborn that they can do it! We hope you enjoy the video.

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