Birthmother’s Day Tips for Adoptive Parents

This Saturday May 7th is Birthmother’s Day. We often get the question from our adoptive families – “What should I do for my child’s birthmother on Birthmother’s Day?” I would say do as much or as little as you like. Just like for Mother’s Day, gifts can range from a phone call to an all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii.

Even if your child’s birthmother doesn’t want a relationship right now, it doesn’t hurt to send her a card or a gift that shows her that you are thinking about her. It’s important for her to know that you’re there if she ever wants to open up the lines of communication, afterall this is what open adoption is all about. Make sure it’s clear on the packaging that it is from you and she can choose whether she wants to open it.

If you know your child’s birthmother well or if you have an inkling that she might enjoy some of the following items, why not send something over? Here
are some ideas:

Birthmother's Day Gifts

A Card or e-Card
A Letter and some photos
Gift Certificates (spas, restaurants, movies, coffee shops, clothing stores)
Flowers and candy
Photo album or Scrapbook
Your Child’s Artwork
Invitation to Visit
Bath Kits and/or Lotions

And, if you need advice, it would be a good idea to ask the birthgrandma or grandpa if you know them. Or, you can always call your IAC counselor. I wish you all a memorable and happy Mother’s Day and Birthmother’s day!

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  • Letter, photos, and child’s artwork is something so priceless! I always am excited to see what my birthchild drew or wrote, and what the pictures are 🙂 I do get to visit, on June 17. Last time I saw her was June 15, 2009, it is very exciting!

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