‘Coming out of the Closet’ with Domestic Infant Adoption

Ann Wrixon, the Executive Director of the Independent Adoption Center reports on Gay and Lesbian adoption in the United States today. David Perry of Comcast’s “Ten Percent”* questions Wrixon on state legislation surrounding LGBT adoption and what role the IAC is playing to advocate for same-sex couples who want to adopt.

Having placed about 1000 infants with LGBT families over the course of 29 years, the Independent Adoption Center has been involved in numerous studies and has a lot of information to offer on this topic. Wrixon urges all same-sex families hoping to adopt that even if they aren’t going to adopt through the IAC, they can feel welcome to call and have their questions answered.

*Ten Percent, a weekly interview series that focuses on lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LGBT) issues, is a half-hour show created and hosted by long-time San Francisco media professional David Perry.

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  • It’s so exciting to me that the IAC is a part of so many social issues and advocates for every type of person. I love that as an agency we care about people and equality in every way, not just in relation to adoption. Very exciting! Nice work Ann!

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