IAC Publishes Detailed Wait Time Statistics for Adoptive Placements

The Independent Adoption Center is committed to complete transparency in its operations. Recently, we posted wait times for every adoptive placement the organization has made from 2006 through May 2011. These statistics show the following:

  • The average wait time from when a prospective adoptive family completes all of their pre-adoption paperwork and a child is placed in their home is 14 months.
  • The median wait time is 11 months. (Half of families have a wait time less than 11 months, half wait more than 11 months)
  • 70% of adoptive families have a placement within 18 months, 90% have a placement within 28 months.

See: http://www.adoptionhelp.org/adoption_statistics/

Furthermore, we provide details of the wait time for every family who adopted through the IAC over the last four and a half years. In addition, we provide a breakdown of wait times for Gay male families, Lesbian families, single parent families, and families with children.

See: http://www.adoptionhelp.org/adoption_statistics/graphs.html

Gay male families, Lesbian families and families with children wait an average of 14 months for an adoptive placement, which is the same as the wait time for all IAC families. Single parent families have an average wait of 15 months, but this statistic is based on just 21 single parent placements so may not be as representative as we would like.

More than 50% of families have a placement within 12 months. 70% have a placement within 18 months and 90% of families have a placement by 28 months.

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  • The graphs show that a high amount of couples adopt within the first month of waiting. Can that be right?

  • Yes, the data is correct. IAC has always been aware that a fairly large number of families get placements very quickly, and the data confirms this. One caution, these figures are over four and a half years, so the 88 families who got a placement within a month averages to less than 20 such placements a year.

  • Cswdon

    I so wish we went with IAC.  We were between them and our current and I feel we made the wrong choice!  

  • Honestly, if you are with a licensed agency you made a good choice. Adoption is often an emotionally difficult journey no matter who you work with. If you have concerns about your individual situation email or call me and I will give you an honest assessment. Probably I will be able to make you feel better about your situation. awrixon@adoptionhelp.org

  • This is great information you have put out to help people make the best choice about their adoption options. It also helps people to understand what the process may be like for them. Thanks for the transparency!

  • TST113

    Am I interpreting the Gay Male Families graph (our status) correctly, that if you have not been selected after about 14 months, you chances are going down greatly (or chances of waiting longer increase greatly)?

  • Wes Probus

    It would appear as a gay couple, as we are, entering our 42nd month, that our chances are now non-existent according to this graph???

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