IAC’s Adoption Expert Acclaimed for Opening Adoption

The IAC’s Associate Executive Director, Kathleen Silber, MSW, ACSW, was recently featured in the San Ramon Patch for her long-standing progressive efforts to evolve adoption. As quoted in the article, Silber’s idea “was to promote better mental health for adopted children” and “the step to open adoption (considered very radical in the 70s and 80s) was the obvious answer. After all, what could be wrong with openness, honesty, and communication within the family?” Read the full article, Opening Up Adoption.

For other articles on adoption in the San Ramon Patch, read Finding Another Way and Families with Adopted Children Band Together.

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  • I think it’s wonderful that Kathleen continues to receive the credit she is due in her efforts in Open Adoption.  I’m proud to work at the IAC and continue the efforts she began!

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