IAC’s Modern Family

eXpression! Magazine Hawaii recently featured IAC family Bo Frank and Tom Luna, with their sons Saxoni (age 3) and Sakoda (almost 12 months) as the “Modern Family.” Visit the eXpression! Magazine blog to read more.

Bo and Tom built their family through both international and domestic adoption. They talk about both adoptions in the article. Their older son is from Guatemala, and their younger son was born in Texas. They highlight the open relationship they have with their youngest son’s birth mother.

In addition, they talk about their relationship, their work, and why marriage equality is so important to their family. Bo and Tom are both cheerleading coaches for Radford High School, and they explain how their jobs have prepared them for parenting by teaching them how to connect to young people. This is clearly a strong point for this couple as the Radford Cheerleaders just won their sixth consecutive state championship.

The article has beautiful photos of Bo and Tom and their sons. In addition, there is a photo gallery of additional photos taken during the photo shoot with the family.

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