Making the most of Facebook for your adoption

It’s exciting to see what a large and active community the IAC has on Facebook. It has become a place for asking questions, providing encouragement, and sharing lives brought together through adoption.

For prospective waiting families having a Facebook page is a great way to be proactive and take charge of your adoption. While the goal is ultimately to attract the right birthparents, having a Facebook page also keeps you informed and passes time as you await the day you welcome a baby into your lives.

I want to help you to make the most of your Facebook presence so I have gathered some more tips for you as you continue to expand your network.

  • Secure a unique URL. Once you acquire 25 fans (or “Likes”) you can create a username, i.e. This is a good idea because it is easier to promote your Facebook page with a short, simple, and relevant URL. Make sure to include the URL on marketing materials and emails you send out. Set your username here:

  • Manage your permissions. While you are in edit mode you will see that there is a category called “Manage Permissions”. These settings allow you to control what info is shared and who can view and interact with your page. Here are the settings I recommend:

  • IAC Recommended Permissions

  • Add the YouTube App. While in edit mode, select the Apps tab. Search for “You Tube Box” and add it to your page. Then add some of the IAC’s videos by entering the URLs in the space provided. If you have your own You Tube video add that as well. By adding this app you are allowing visitors to learn about our agency without having to leave your page.

  • Facebook You Tube App

  • Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you have accounts with both social mediums, it is wise to link the two. This way when you make a post on facebook, the post will also go to your twitter feed. Link your accounts here:

  • Like every post you make. This is important because your wall now reveals posts with the most likes and comments at the top. In order to ensure that your posts are being seen in other people’s feeds, post interesting content that elicits likes and comments.

  • Fill in the Info tab. Provide your contact information as well as the IAC’s websites, blogs, and toll free number. Also use the space to introduce yourself and the purpose of the page. It is a good idea to use the introduction from your Dear Birthparent Letter as a way to address potential birthparents looking at your page. You can even include other sections of your letter on the info tab – it can’t hurt. Most importantly, make it easy for them to contact you and learn more about you.

You may have also noticed that Facebook has undergone yet another change. At this point in time, the new layout is optional, but as of March 2011, all pages will convert over to the new format. In the image below I have numbered the most important changes and explained each change below.

Facebook layout changes, Feb 2011

  1. The tabs have moved from the across top of the page to down the left side under the profile photo. The wall tab shows the wall as others see it, posts in order of popularity, and the admin view shows posts in chronological order.

  2. Now recent photos show up at the top of the page. You can edit which ones show up by hovering over the thumbnails and clicking the “x” that shows up at in the top righthand corner. Delete photos until you have the desired ones appearing on your wall.

  3. You can now elect to use Facebook as your page. It transforms your news feed, notifications, and identity into that of your page instead of your profile. The cool part is that you can switch back to your main identity at any time.

  4. Facebook now allows you to choose 5 featured pages (that you Like) to appear on your page. In edit mode select the “Featured” tab. From here you can select up to 5 pages. Definitely select the IAC page, the I Heart Adoption page, and the Adoption Diaries page.

Keep in mind that Facebook is ever-evolving. These changes seem drastic, but you will be used to them in no time. These changes are undoubtedly backed by research for optimal user experience. Here is a short video that also highlights these changes:

For more information on Facebook and other social media as it relates to your adoption, read these blog posts:

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  • Heidianneke

    Have you seen They’re offering Free adoption profiles now. I’m signed up 🙂

  • This is so helpful! Using Facebook and other social media sites to network is a great way to reach as many people as possible. You might not only find a potential contact, but lots of people who are willing to pass the word along for you. Be sure to link your Facebook page to your iheart page as well as other websites you may have. If you are in the process of creating your letter, you can put your link on there as well. Remember to update your page on a regular basis for the best appeal.

  • Liz

    The site you listed doesn’t allow gay and lesbian couples or singles to post profiles. 🙁

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