Media Spotlight – Part 3 of 3

Managing A Twitter Account

Twitter can be very effective at disseminating information widely and rapidly, but it can also be very overwhelming, as there are hundreds of tweets made per minute. Also with the invention of Twitter has come a whole slew of new vocab terms to learn. Visit the Twitter Help Center for a glossary of terms.

  • Communicate effectively. Twitter thrives on communication. In order to make an impression, it is important to actively participate. If you use Twitter simply to post links to your website or blog, your presence will go unnoticed. In addition to making your posts, you need to reply to tweets that interest you and mention (link to) them in your own posts.

  • Prompt conversation. Create compelling content that elicits a response. Don’t just tweet for the sake of tweeting. If you post a link in your tweet, preface it with a statement or question that creates interest so that your link is clicked and shared.

  • Don’t over promote yourself. If all your tweets link back to you and your own website, you will lose credibility. The only way you will attract and maintain an interested audience is to post content that benefits or informs the masses. Your alias (ex: JoeAndMaryAdopt) and profile should be enough to convey your purpose for being on Twitter. This is not to say never link to yourself, but it should only be when you have new content to share.

  • Follow relevant feeds. Search for topics that interest you and opt-in to follow their feeds. Every feed you follow will appear in your feed. You can also create lists if you want to organize the feeds you follow into categories.

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