Media Spotlight – Part 1 of 3

Facebook Page Creation

For a quick and easy introduction to creating a Facebook Page watch the video tutorial, “Absolutely the Best Way to create a Non-Profit Facebook Page” or visit John Shaydon’s YouTube Channel for many helpful social media tutorials.

  • The name of your page is important. In addition to including your name(s), use words like “Open Adoption”, “Adoption” or “Adopt” so that someone searching for adoption can find you.

  • Consistency and repetition are memorable. This means you should use the main photo from your letter as your profile photo and possibly include a short blurb in the Info Tab that is similar to the intro in your online profiles.

  • Link away! Link to any and all of the following: iHeart profile, website, blog, video and/or paid adoption profiles. This makes it easy to find out more about you. Don’t forget to link to the IAC’s websites as well; this gives you credibility.

  • Get to know the “Like” button. The mysterious button at the top of every facebook page is your ticket to being “in the know” about everything you support. Any page that you “Like” will appear in your news feed. Be sure to “Like” IAC’s facebook pages: for adoptive parents and for birthparents.

  • Upload photos continuously. Use the photos from your letter to start and continue to share photos as you take them. Did you take photos during your amazing Thanksgiving feast? Christmas morning with the whole fam? Share them!

  • Be an Active User. Make regular posts to your page, share your page with others, and do whatever you can to get people to “Like” your page. Hint: You will also have the option to “Promote Your Page” by creating an ad for your page. This is the best way to acquire “Likes”. You can set a daily dollar limit to fit your budget and they make it really easy to track and manage.

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  • Thanks for your excellent tips. I am an active Facebook user too. I would like to share my experience too, this comes under the point ” be an active user”

    I joined Facebook couple of years back with active participation, later after some months, I was not able to participate regularly due to some personal reasons, then when I tried to be active again, I was shocked to see that some of my friends were not available and I had missed many events. So, my suggestion is that, if you want to start an Facebook account, just try to be very much active and follow all the above tips.

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