Meet Elena Ricks, Birthparent Outreach, Southern California

Nice to meet you! I am a 23-year old from Los Angeles, California. I grew up here with my mother, father, younger sister and younger brother. I graduated with honors and a B.A. in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz in 2010, then moved back to Los Angeles, where I live with my family. I also have a cat named Ziggy, whom I adore. I have raised her since she was a week old, and she is my pride and joy! I love every aspect of psychology, and I am most definitely a “people-person!” I plan to attend graduate school in the fall of 2012 and would like to get a MFT or MSW.

Elena Ricks works in Birthparent Outreach covering Southern California. She is acting as a liaison between the Independent Adoption Center and healthcare professionals, to provide information and resources on open adoption. If you are a healthcare professional and would like to request brochures or an in-service, please contact her at (310) 215-3180 ext. 201.

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  • Elena, Welcome. We are so glad you are working with the IAC

  • Welcome aboard!

  • Ericks

    Thanks! I am so excited to be here!

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