Mrs. Alabama Supports Adoption & IAC

Lynn Maggio, Mrs. Alabama International 2011, is working to highlight open adoption and the Independent Adoption Center. She will be competing for the Mrs. International 2011 title in Chicago, Illinois from July 19 to July 23, 2011.

Lynn is a mother to five sons. After her second marriage, Lynn was unable to have more biological children. A surrogate carried her youngest twin sons, but she and her husband went through the adoption process. This is required when either the sperm or the egg donor is unknown.

Not only does Lynn have experience as an adoptive mother, but she also works locally in Alabama supporting young women who have an unplanned pregnancy. She suggests they look at IAC’s web site and other resources where they receive non-directive counseling about their options.

Please take two minutes to view Lynn talking about her commitment to adoption and the IAC. There are also beautiful photos of Lynn and her family, including the surrogate mother who gave birth to her youngest sons.

You can also find out much more about Lynn and her work as Mrs. Alabama International 2011 by visiting her web site.

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