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Recent events in Japan have reminded me of the importance of staying connected with friends and family. Myself and a few other IAC staff members have special connections with people in Japan whose lives have been heavily affected by these occurrences. How fortunate we are to have resources like the Internet and social media networks to keep us connected and up-to-date on what is going on in our world and what is happening to the people who are so important to us.

Open adoption is about staying connected. Sometimes we don’t even realize how important someone is to us, or how important someone will become, unless we keep a positive outlook and open mind. This means welcoming any opportunity to share your plans to adopt in a genuine and appropriate manner. Jennie Hurley addresses this in her networking success story on page 9, “Marketing Your Adoption Plan with an Open Heart.”

This also means welcoming your child’s birthmother as a unique extension of your family. Her existence to you is filled with every ounce of love that you have, or will have, for our child. And, she will always love him just as much. In the feature article, “…One Love” on page 5, readers will glimpse into the powerful connection between a birthfamily and adoptive family. The voices of the birthmom (Meryah Maddock) and adoptive mom (Wendy Crawford) are woven together in this surprising and heartwarming adventure.

Before we hear from IAC families, readers will get to see the “newest families” and IAC news and events. And, in “Marketing Force” on page 3, we’ll reveal the faces behind the IAC Marketing Department and find out what makes them tick.

We’ve saved the best for last, so on page 10, hear from resident expert Kathleen Silber. She shares some incredibly valuable information about how to approach the hospital experience of your child’s birth. There’s no better time to reinforce your connection with your child’s birthmother. As always, the final pages will supply updates on birthparent statistics, Open Adoption article submission information and the upcoming support group calendar. Enjoy!

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  • Julie

    To help families maintain a healthy post-adoption relationship, I have created a website that allows for ongoing communication. Set up as a social network to enable families to share pictures and updates, this site provides the privacy that other common social networking sites can not promise. The site is It has been active since October 2010. My family has successfully been sharing with our child’s birth family since December 2010.

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