Open Adoption Magazine, Winter 2010

Winter 2010 Open Adoption Magazine, CoverHappy New Year everyone! The IAC is thrilled to ring in the New Year with the release of our Winter issue of Open Adoption Magazine. For a full newsletter archive visit the Independent Adoption Center’s website.

Highlights in this issue include IAC’s prestigious recognition by the Human Rights Campaign for excellence in LGBT adoption, the launch of IAC’s birthmother support network on, and an extensive marketing update including tips and tricks for using social media for adoption networking.

This issue’s feature article, “Bridge Between Two Worlds”, written by adoptive parents Daisy and Chris Linser, explores the letdowns and excitements of the adoption process, the overwhelming experience of matching, and finally, the unconditional love that endures for their adopted son and his birthmother. An undoubtedly hallmark story on open adoption.

Next read the story of adoptive parents Ted and Martha Lee as they explain their experience with a potentially “high risk” situation that couldn’t have ended more beautifully. Their son, Owen is featured on the cover.

And then there’s the voice of our resident expert Kathleen Silber, MSW, LCSW, IAC’s Associate Executive Director and Clinical Director, providing advice on how to approach the post-adoption relationship with your child’s birthmother. In this issue we also introduce Bobby Mills, IAC’s recommended attorney in North Carolina who provides information on adoption law in that state.

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