Open Adoption Reality Show “Adoption Diaries” on WeTV

Adoption Diaries originally aired on Women’s Entertainment Television on September 12, 2009. Starring Jennifer Bliss, PsyD, MSW, LCSW, a social worker at the Independent Adoption Center, the series gracefully reveals the truth of open adoption, in which the birthmother chooses and meets the adoptive family and keeps communication open throughout the child’s life. Though over 90% of domestic adoptions have some level of openness, IAC advocates fully open adoption as numerous studies have shown that open adoption is in the best interest of the child.

As the first reality show on open adoption, Adoption Diaries successfully represents the reality of open adoption. The show offers a compelling glimpse into individual perspectives. It accurately portrays the fears and anxieties of the adoption process, as well as, the immense love and gratitude felt by both birthmothers and adopting parents.

For prospective parents considering adoption, the series is both educational and heart warming. While addressing pain and hardship, each episode powerfully weaves a beautiful true-life tale of boundless love and the unflinching bond adoption creates.

Watch a preview of the Adoption Diaries TV series on our YouTube Channel:

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  • Kwright73

    Can I actually watch episodes of this show online? It doesn’t seem possible from the WeTV website.

    If not online, how?


  • Egrimm

    WeTV is no longer airing Adoption Diaries. It cannot be viewed online at this time, we apologize.

  • Anonymous

    I have just discovered this insightful show and, as yet, have not viewed an episode which sees the birth mother change her mind. Money is never discussed and  I’m sure that viewers of the show would be interested to know what the financial outlay is to the adoptive parents; can only wealthy couples afford to explore this route? What exactly do they bankroll throughout the pregnancy? I live in England where it is illegal to ‘buy’ a baby, so any money paid out is categorised as being for expenses. Another option which is not examined is the termination of the pregnancy.

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