People Magazine on Adoption Grants, and the IAC Dads Who Received One

What happens when you decide you want to adopt but you don’t have the financial means to finally complete your dream of having a family? Enter Becky Fawcett. In a recent article done by People Magazine, in the “Heroes Among Us” section, three stories of adoptive parents tell how one woman gave them the chance to have children despite the costs they feared they would not be able to afford. After many attempts to have children biologically, Fawcett also turned to adoption. In being able to adopt, Fawcett was grateful to have had the available funds to finally have children, but she also knew that there are people who seek adoption but may not be able to pay the costs as easily.

In 2007 she created a non-profit,, which has awarded more than $360,000 in adoption grants to those seeking to adopt but struggling to obtain proper finances. A couple that are clients of the Independent Adoption Center were able to receive this life-changing gift. Clayton Lord and Seth Miller were able to adopt a baby girl through a grant of $5,000 from Fawcett. You can check out their story, as well as the two other stories in the newest issue of People Magazine.

Some quick facts:

  • Grants are awarded twice a year in June and December.
  • Grants are $500 – $15,000 depending on individual situations.
  • Families can apply once in an annual cycle of the program. You may apply again only if you are still in the adoption process.

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  • Wes Probus

    We, too, were awarded a grant from HelpUsAdopt in June of this year for $7,000. We have been trying to adopt with the IAC since May, 2008.

    Wes Probus & Nathan Goad

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