Redbook Magazine & RESOLVE Raise Awareness About Infertility

So many women face infertility issues and suffer in silence as they deal with the reality of their struggles to conceive. Now is the time to speak up. Redbook and RESOLVE have partnered to raise awareness about the common infertility issues women face by hosting a tweet chat at 11am PST today and showcasing videos by real women talking about their infertility struggles.

Redbook has invited all women battling infertility to speak up and talk about it by posting videos on their You Tube Channel. Their November Issue also features an article titled, “The Invisible Pain of Infertility” which states that 12% of women suffer from infertility. Fortunately, with organizations like RESOLVE, and with adoption as an option, infertility is not a dead end.

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  • Vicki

    My son and his wife have adopted 2 babies. I cant believe what they had to go thru to get those babies. The law makes it so hard to do yet there are irresponsible people who can have baby after baby and NOT take care of them. And they dont have to prove anything at all about as to whether they will be good parents. I think the laws should change for the benefit of babies waiting for homes.

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