Social Media’s Impact on Adoption

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This morning the TODAY Show featured a story that helps reveal the impact of social media on adoption. The video clip above explains how an adoptive mother and her daughter used Facebook to find the woman who placed her for adoption 19 years ago. After contacting her birthmother and meeting her for the first time, she explains how her life has changed. Also interviewed in the segment, is Adam Pertman, the Executive Director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. He states that social media’s role in adoption in real and growing. The transparency of information across social media has initiated new research into what, if any, adoption policies should be adjusted and how to define best practices in adoption.

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  • I have an adopted girl. I adopted her when she was only 1-day old baby. Now, she’s two and I have treated her like my real baby. After reading this post, I can’t help but get worried because my girl’s generation is one where social media is very popular. I even made her an account in Facebook. I really hope that adoption policies be adjusted to protect people who have adopted their kids as well.

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