Through Your Child’s Eyes: Create an Adoption Life Book

Creating an adoption life book is a great way to capture the entire story of your child’s adoption, from the phone call or match meeting, to the day you brought him/her home. A life book is essentially a scrapbook created through the eyes of your child. A life book is a visual depiction of your child’s birth story that will always reminder them of who he/she is and where he/she came from.

A life book is useful because:

  • It helps establish a bond between you are your child;
  • Being able to visualize the story, helps your child understand his/her adoption;
  • It will be a lifelong momento.

Before you begin creating this important family keepsake, find some inspiration. Creating Keepsakes is a good place to start.

Here are a few websites that sell scrapbook supplies:

Nowadays there are even resources for creating printable or digital scrapbooks! Scrapblog takes advantage of drag and drop technology, making design and sharing easy and fun.

For a list of the best software and online scrapbooking tools view this list.

IAC would love to see your creativity at work! Please feel free to share your masterpieces on our Facebook page. Happy life book creating!

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