Why did The Guncles Choose Open Adoption?

Hollywood’s Popular Dads Tell their Adoption Story

Parenting.com’s Celebrity Kids Parents Blog featured an in-depth story by celebrity gay dads, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson. They explain why they chose open adoption over surrogacy or closed adoption and how adoption fits into their daily lives. They also describe their hospital experience as gay adoptive dads in a small catholic hospital. Read the full story on the Parenting.com blog.

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  • Bill and Scout are so honest about their experience. It saddens me that Gay male and Lesbian adoptive parents still face homophobia, but as you will see from Bill and Scout’s story, it is not from birthparents. In fact, their story highlights what extraordinary people birthparents are, and why open adoption is such a good choice for all members of the triad (birthparents, adoptive parents and most importantly the child).

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