Adoption Awareness Month: I am aware of…

November is Adoption Awareness Month and the Independent Adoption Center is excited to participate in honoring all parties involved in adoption, but we need your help! In celebration of open adoption we want to know what it has made you more aware of, whether you are an adoptee, adoptive parent or birth parent. This is the month to be aware of how adoption has affected your life and how it continues to create families for so many. If you’d like to participate, please post a comment along with the completed statement “Open adoption has made me more aware of…..”. You may also participate on our facebook page or on twitter using the hashtag #iamaware. We’ll take the best ones and add them to a photo album on facebook. It’s time to spread the awareness this month, don’t miss out on sharing it with others!

National Adoption Day was started as an effort to raise awareness for children in foster care in need of a family, and has grown as a celebration of all families who have experienced adoption in some way. This year National Adoption Day is on November 17th – to find events check out

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  • Terryandtracy

    Open adoption has made me aware of how valuable and important it is to have a close relationship with your child’s birth family. We visit my daughter’s birth family every three to four months. She loves them. At her daycare class, when they learned about family, not only did she list her mommy, daddy, and all her grandparents, but she told them about her birthmommy, sister, and brothers. She knows just how much she’s loved, because we have that close birth family relationship that is so crucial. When I asked her what she wants to do for her birthday, she said “i want to play with my brothers” and I know they’ll be here for her. I just can’t say enough about how important a close birth family relationship truly is!

  • Iain Dickinson

    Hi,  I was adopted, have traced my birth mother and become a social worker – specialising and training in adoption!  So you might say im quite passionate about the subject!

    Adoption is such a positive thing for everyone involved – but only if the assessment and matching is done well.  If not there can be poor outcomes.  Its so important for people thinking about adoption, and being assessed to participate more fully in the process and really become actively involved in getting the right child for their family.  The problem is that people need to be given the guidence they need to understand how it works and what it all means.  I have been on the radio as a volunteer to try to get this message out and written articles and blogs, I have also written a short e book to help people understand what they need to know. 

    Hopefully we can all work together to make sure adoptions continue to be the best outcome for children and families.

    Iain Dickinson

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