Adoption Tax Credit Updates

Adoption & infertility information hub Creating a Family published another helpful blog post detailing the protocol for filing for the Adoption Tax Credit. The post also provides time estimates and suggestions for making it go as quickly as possible.

Dawn Davenport of Creating a Family also reports that, “…according to the Government Accountability Office, 68% of the nearly 100,000 returns claiming adoption tax credits were audited. We have no way to tell what percentage is being audited this year, but given what we are currently hearing, I would say it is running about the same as last year.” Further, the IRS claims that those who aren’t audited can expect to receive the refund in three weeks, though people are reporting longer waits. If you are audited, it is estimated to take up to 14 weeks to receive the refund.

View the full post on Creating a Family’s blog: Adoption Tax Credit Delays

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