Daddy’s Arms

In this excerpt from a blog post by Jim Thomas, a prospective adoptive father, he warmly reflects on the love he felt from his own father as a child and the love he longs to give to the child he is waiting to hold. While reminiscing about the relationship he once had with his father he looks forward to what he wishes to give to his child – strength from the arms of a father and love to carry him/her through.

“Although it was many years ago, I still remember it better than yesterday. I was probably five or six. We had been out past my bedtime and I had fallen asleep on the long ride home. Upon arriving home I awakened, but did not stir. Instead I did what is sometimes typical of children: I played “possum.” I pretended to be asleep so that someone would carry me into the house and put me to bed.

Dad was a genuinely kind man. He had an active work life as a postal carrier, delivering mail and walking typically 4-5 miles each workday. It wasn’t in his nature to say many cross words to another person. Even though he had worked hard and was probably exhausted after a long day, Dad still picked up his tired son, carried him into the house, and put him to bed.”

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