How Has Technology and Social Media Evolved the Adoption Process?

Like many couples, you and your partner have probably been talking about adoption for weeks or months. You may have started your research by Googling “adoption” on the web and then starting e-mailing adoption agencies that came up on Google’s first page. If you are lucky you may know a couple who has already adopted but most people don’t have that luxury. Like so many other experiences in the 21st century, you want to combine the personal experience with the ease of technology.

A new tool on the market, adopt2Connect, can provide that link. Developed just one year ago by Nancy Baker, an adoption case worker, and Mark Barrett, an adoptive parent, the site is innovative yet has the ease of use that is common to social media sites. Independent Adoption Center was an early proponent of the site and has continued to be supportive of the site through the many new features we have rolled-out this first year. The latest enhancement is the social media front-end that allows each owner of an adoption support page to link to each of their other social media tools – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. and without any further effort, all of your social media updates instantly appear in adopt2Connect on IAC’s support page and then instantly populating every home page of every IAC page member. So log on to adopt2Connect today at and join IAC’s support page to see up to the minute feeds and news from their organization, all in one place, right from your home page.

Today, adopt2Connect is 250 families strong. We cherish the gift of a child, respect the unknowns of the adoption process and know how to stick it out through our growing network. As you or someone you know waits patiently for the next call, email or document to guide your steps, remember to join or share our network so that we can be by your side (virtually) and welcome you into a community of expectant parents who want to do good works. We’re there for you from beginning to end. Check us out! Membership is free. Our community works together to make a better life for every child.

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