IAC Alumni on The Long Road to Family

IAC Alumni Joe Pinchot and Judi Swogger recently wrote about their journey through the Foster care system to complete their family. Their article appeared in The Sharon Herald and is reproduced in part here:

When we started our second adoption journey, we thought a lot about the result of our first one – our son, Uriah.

Looking at us as a family, Uriah stood out because he is African-American and the rest of us, including our daughters, Natalie and Siri, are Caucasian. Also, there’s a nine-year age difference between Uriah and his sisters.

So, we figured, if we were to going to adopt again, we should try to adopt another boy, with at least some racial mixture in him, of around the same age.

The agency we had worked with in adopting Uriah said it rarely attracted older children, so we decided to work through the state system in Ohio, where we live.

At the end of a four-year journey, we ended up with what we originally wanted. Malachi entered our family on July 24, 2011, and his adoption was finalized on Aug. 14, 2012.

So, you might wonder, why did it take four years? Therein lies our tale – a tale that might seem strange to nonadoptive parents, but rings true to those who have added to their families by nontraditional means.

It was an odyssey that included dalliances with the state adoption system, the foster care system and the independent adoption of newborns.

It was a journey laden with frustration, near-despair, interminable waits and unexpected costs, but – finally – success. Adoption is only successful if you keep focused on your goal, no matter how elusive that goal sometimes seems.

You can read the rest of the article on The Sharon Herald’s website.

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