IAC partners with Adoptimist

The IAC is happy to announce a partnership with Adoptimist.com wherein all IAC families receive a 15% discount on paid membership plans.

IAC clients get 15% off adoptimistAdoptimist offers a smart and affordable option for adoptive parents looking to quickly improve their exposure and visibility to expectant mothers who are considering adoption. Within minutes of joining, you can easily build and market a professional and beautiful adoption profile, with virtually no technical expertise needed. Their cutting-edge digital marketing efforts enable them to consistently expose family profiles to expectant mothers from all over the United States.

Some of the noteworthy features include:

  • Expectant mother membership. Expectant mother visitors can easily become Adoptimist members too, allowing them to freely, safely, and anonymously converse with families. Expectant mother members can follow / save families to a list for easy contact access.
  • Statistics & Ranking System. Families are provided with valuable statistics about their profile’s effectiveness and outreach. Adoptimist members don’t have to speculate about what kind of impact their profiles are making. They can simply view their statistics and make informed decisions based upon them.
  • Supplemental Services. Families can choose additional advertising and services to help market their profile, including Pay-per-click internet advertising, custom domain names (i.e., www.youradoptionsite.com) for profiles, and Profile Analysis / Optimization by their adoption marketing experts.

They have three plans for families:

  • Premium: Premium families receive an unlimited profile, priority placement on the Adoptimist website, placement on all their social networking sites, an 800 number, and one-on-one support from their staff. The monthly fee is $150.
  • Featured: Featured families receive an expanded profile, preferred placement on the Adoptimist site, and access to all  supplemental services. The monthly fee is $50.
  • Starter (Free): Premium or Featured families that connect may wish to downgrade their plan to Starter as they explore their connection. This can save money and families can quickly upgrade again if needed.

IAC families can contact their adoption coordinator, refer to the client binder, or visit the client forums to get the discount code.

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