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As we prefaced in our Winter Open Adoption Magazine, we have launched a re-designed website at http://www.adoptionhelp.org . There are many reasons for this change; foremost to keep up with technology in an effort to better serve our waiting families and potential birthparents.

We want to highlight a few points of interest:

Advanced Family Search: We have installed real-time search filters making it easier for birthparents to narrow their search to find a family that meets their needs. We also simplified the page layout in order to maximize space for family photos. More information is revealed about each family with a simple scroll over action.

Find A Family Adoptive Parent Profiles
Enhanced Profile Pages: We have added profile pages that enable birthparents to learn more about our families without leaving our website.

Simplified Client Resource Center: All important client information is stored in one location.

Client Resource Center

Improved Chat Features for Birthparents: We now offer a chat feature on BOTH of our websites so that potential birthparents can reach our staff while on either adoptionhelp.org or ihearadoption.org. Previously, chat was only available on iheartadoption.org.

Expert Q&A Section: Until now, AdoptionExperts.Org operated as an independent site run by IAC experts, Ann Wrixon and Kathleen Silber. Now it’s integrated into AdoptionHelp.Org to make open adoption information easily accessible to everyone.

Adoption Expert Q & A

We welcome feedback and encourage comments!

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  • Joeylyn34

    How do i get started to adopt a baby. I am 39 years old and iam very interested in adopting a baby. Please tell me how

  • Ryan Schwab

     Hello! You can start the process by signing up for a free adoption information session at http://www.adoptionhelp.org/information-sessions

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