Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming…

In this excerpt from a blog post by Amy Thomas, a prospective adoptive mother, she beautifully describes the analogy of waiting in relation to the movie “Finding Nemo.” She finds a lesson in the mantra repeatedly spoken by the character Dora, and sees that the path of waiting not only requires trust and faith, but the persistence and patience to keep moving forward despite what crosses her path.

“This is the mantra that has been on my mind the past few weeks. I love Dory from Finding Nemo. For all her faults, she is fearless and persistent. Surrounded by deep murky waters with unknown dangers, she doesn’t give up. Instead she hums a simple tune and keeps on swimming, trusting that everything will work out in the end. And her courage and tenacity doesn’t just help her own journey along, it also encourages Marlin to not give up hope.

So often I find myself weary of waiting. Waiting sucks! There’s really not a nicer way to describe it. We would all like to have a smooth, easy journey to parenthood, but for most adoptive couples the journey is more like a swim upstream against the current. There are disappointments, delays, and detours. There are days when it seems like it will never happen. There are days when hope is hard to find. Those are the days we especially need to take a deep breath and keep on swimming.”

To read the rest of the blog click here: Jim and Amy Hoping to Adopt

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