Katherine Heigl: Bonding with her Adopted Baby

Katherine Heigl is a renowned actress known for her roles in “The Ugly Truth” and “Knocked Up,” just to name a few. But now she also holds the title of mother to her daughter Naleigh adopted in 2009 from South Korea. It was something she knew she always wanted to do and made sure that her husband Josh Kelley felt the same before their engagement.  Katherine has a sister who was also adopted from Korea so adoption has always been a big part of Heigl’s life. Now, at 33 years old she is learning about the process of bonding with her 10 month old daughter.

A recent post on Justjared.com talks about the troubles Heigl has had bonding with her daughter. Not having that immediate bond with her daughter has been a struggle for Heigl, expressing that “her rejection almost broke my heart.” But Heigl’s story is not very uncommon in adoption.

Bonding with an adopted child is often a concern for adoptive parents but it’s important to know that the process isn’t always immediate, and can occur over a long period of time. It is a mental connection that comes from the experiences you share with your child, regardless of biological connection. The bonds between adopting parents and adopted child are just as strong as any bond between biological child and parent. For more insight into the bonding process and to hear from other adoptive parents read “Loving and Bonding with Your Adopted Baby.”

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