Mariska Hargitay Adoption Interview

Good Housekeeping Magazine, May 2012

In a recent interview with Good Housekeeping, actress Mariska Hargitay reveals her painful adoption journey that eventually led to two successful infant adoptions, just six months apart.

She discusses various defining moments in the adoption process; the dreaded wait, the instant bond formed with a birth mother, the heartbreak of an unlikely adoption reclaim, considering transracial adoption, the magical birth and hospital experience, and how “worth it” everything seems in the end.

Her story is all too often true for couples and individuals waiting to adopt. But what begins as months or years of what feels like relentless struggle, can change in a moment’s notice. Suddenly what felt so far is curled up in your arms and you revel in the euphoria of a dream come true.

For those interested in adopting, it is important to research types of adoption services are available. The most successful adoptions are those where both parties are well informed and firmly committed to the best interests of the child. At the IAC, our licensed social workers prepare adoptive parents for the uncertainties of adoption, including how to avoid high risk situations. We ensure that both adoptive parents and birth parents are comfortable with any situation they enter into and we mediate these situations so that everyone’s needs are met. In rare situations where an adoption reclaim occurs — when the birth mother decides she wants to parent shortly after the child has been placed in the adoptive parents’ home — we are there to provide as much support as needed so that the couple or individual can push forward and pursue a successful adoption.

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