Save the Adoption Tax Credit

The IAC stands in full support of the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, the result of a number of organizations and institutions who have come together to advocate for a permanent adoption tax credit. The tax credit was introduced in 1997 and has helped thousands of families afford the costs associated with adoption. The goal is to have a tax credit that is:

  • Inclusive – All types of adoption should receive the credit: domestic, foster, and intercountry
  • Permanent – The credit should be a permanent part of the tax code, not subject to expiration
  • Refundable – Low-income families should receive the credit regardless of tax liability
  • Flat for special needs – Full credit for special needs adoption, in recognition of the post-finalization costs associated with these adoptions

On April 17th the Making Adoption Affordable Act was introduced as the first legislation to accomplish these goals. The bill would set the adoption tax credit at $13,360, and make it refundable and permanent.  Referring to the high costs of housing children in the foster care system, sponsor Rep. Braley of Iowa stated at his press conference, “When a policy puts more kids in loving homes and also saves taxpayers millions of dollars in the process, expanding it should be a bipartisan no-brainer.”

To learn more about the efforts of Save the Adoption Tax Credit visit

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  • Ann Wrixon

    This is so important. Please let your congressional representative know how you feel about this.

  • FauxClaud

    To renew the Adoption Tax Credit in it’s current form actually will HURT the very children it’s pretends to help. It will PREVENT children from foster care being adopted. While the original adoption tax credit was created to benefit the adoptions of special needs children, successful lobbying from adoptive parents and the adoption lobbyists have increased the credit by both the amount refunded and the range of adoptions covered. The Adoption Tax Credit now applies to domestic and international adoptions. Letting people use the credit to adopt in an otherwise competitive market does not help children in foster care. it helps the adoption industry. Historically, as the adoption tax credit went up, so do the adoption fees. In other words, the US government subsidizes the adoption industry this way through the Adoption Tax Credit.” ~Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy”

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