Single Adoptive Mother, Edie Falco, Talks to Her Kids About Being Adopted

Edith “Edie” Falco is best known for her role as Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos but she also plays the role of a  single mom to two adopted children, ages four and eight. She talks openly and very simply to them about their adoptions. But she realizes that at their young ages neither her son or her daughter really understand it yet. For example, her son Anderson believes that all kids must be adopted. Edie plays along for now, but she realizes that soon her children will start asking more specific questions about their adoptions. When that time comes, she’ll do her best to explain the many ways families are formed and to speak from the heart.

Edie’s situation isn’t much different from other adoptive families who talk to their children about adoption. In a previous post “Discussing Adoption with School Age Children,”the importance of talking to children about their adoption is to phrase it in a way that they will understand depending on their age. It’s important to use positive adoption language and honesty when talking to children about their adoption and what it means. For more information on how to talk to children about what adoption means, read our four part blog post: “Talking to Children About Adoption.”

To read more on the article about Edie Falco, click: Edie Falco: My Kids Think Everyone is Adopted

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