Study Shows Infant Adoption Has Changed, Only 5% Are Closed Adoptions

A study just published by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute shows that adoption trends have indeed shifted in recent years. Adoption, once clouded by secrecy, now encourages open communication and information sharing throughout a child’s lifetime. Findings from the study show that openness is beneficial for adoptive parents, birth families and adoptees alike.

Simply “opening” adoption, however, does not guarantee healthy relationships. The report made sure to identify factors that contribute to the long term success of open adoptions. Some important factors being pre-adoption counseling for both expectant and adoptive parents and ongoing, professional support for both parties after the adoption is complete.

The executive summary makes sure to point out, that although adoption has come a long way, many people entering the process — or those unaffected by adoption — still harbor misunderstandings about adoption deeply woven into history and the media. Adoption professionals, the institute concludes, must work hard to provide accurate information on the realities of openness and continue to push down adoption barriers.

The authors of this study are leading open adoption researchers, Deborah H. Sigel, Ph.D. and Susan Livingston Smith, LCSW.

The adoption study is also covered on ABC News.

To download the full report, visit the Adoption Institute website:

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  • Ann Wrixon

    This report is excellent. I hope every adoption professional reads it. In addition, potential adoptive parents and birth parents would be well served by this information. Current birthparents, adoptive parents and adoptees will also find the information helpful.

  • Carlynne Hershberger

    Open adoption was developed as another means of enticing young, vulnerable expectant moms into placing their babies for adoption. Open adoption is not enforceable. Open adoptions only remain open at the whim of adoptive parents.

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