The Wait to Adopt & Preparing for Baby

Waiting to Adopt: Prepare a first aid kit specifically for children

Waiting to Adopt: Planning a Welcome Home Celebration

Waiting to Adopt: Older Sibling Adoption Books

Waiting to Adopt: Baby Announcements

Waiting to Adopt: Preparing with Parenting and Adoption Books

Waiting to Adopt: Selecting Child Care Provider

Waiting to Adopt: Selecting a Pediatrician

Waiting to Adopt: Shop for Baby Furniture

Waiting to Adopt: Select A Name for Baby


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  • This is great information.  But please remember that though it can be a wonderful thing for the parents who adopt as well as for the parent(s) who relinquish, it’s ultimately about finding the best situation for the child involved and not the process of becoming parents.  It’s important to make the focus of adoption child-centered, which should support ALL parents. 🙂

  • RyanSchwab

    You are absolutely right Monika. It goes right to the heart of our mission at IAC: To ensure every child grows up feeling loved and supported.

    The reason you noticed this post being a little parent-centric is because we wrote this series of blog posts to help adoptive families cope with the wait time. A common opinion is that the most difficult part about open domestic adoption (for the adopting family) is the wait time and not knowing what do do about it. This post is a re-cap of some idea’s we came up with to help our families during this time.

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