Waiting to Adopt: Planning a Welcome Home Celebration

Bringing your baby home means it’s time to celebrate! Depending on your situation you may or may not be ready to celebrate the very day you bring your baby home, but having the baby welcomed by family and/or friends can be very helpful. They can stock your home with all the essentials — including a few home cooked meals — in case you didn’t have time to prepare on your own.

You probably want to wait a few weeks before planning a more formal gathering so that you have time to bond with your new child. Ehow and Adoptive Families has some tips on invitations, gifts, food, games and even themes.

When you’re done planning and ready to send out invitations check out Verseit.com to help you find the perfect wording for your invitations. TheSweetOccassion.com has a great idea for a thumb print family tree keepsake for your child and Amazon.com has a afghan throw blanket with a new baby welcome poem on it. Or consider creating a personalized website for your baby where you can send invitations, manage RSVPs and upload photo and video.

Here are some additional articles to help you plan:

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Remember: be creative with it and have fun! It’s time to celebrate!


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